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Dreambaby® Safety Loop Latches help childproof most cabinets and drawers by securing them from the top or side. With an added loop lock for extra safety, they help safeguard prying fingers and are also easy to install.


Dreambaby® Safety Loop Latches have a different opening and closing mechanism to other Dreambaby® products. Installing a variety of safety latches in your home helps prevent your child learning how to use the latches by doing what children do best - watching and mimicking.

  • Suitable for top drawers and may be used on lower drawers where there is a top drawer divider to which they may be fitted.
  • They're easy to install - a handyman's drill is all it takes.
  • Self-locking – they automatically lock as soon as the drawer or cupboard closes.
  • To use, simply push down gently on the loop when opening the cabinet or drawer.
  • Home safety made easy for enhanced peace of mind.

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